Hello, and welcome to the home of
the Murder City Facial Hair Crew!


We are a competitive bearding team out of Greater Detroit, Michigan. Anyone with a passion for facial hair, fun, and making our surrounding communities better to live in is welcome to join. The only requirement is to have a furry face, or love furry faces and to attend our events/meetings. Come on out and have a good time!

Meet the Crew

Filipe - Founder, President

Originally a member of the Boston Beard Bureau, I've won a few freestyle bearding categories. Now I'm back in the dirty mitten switching styles. I can be found exploring in the woods, at a local punk show, or just relaxing with a fine cigar or pipe. I've become a veteran in the bearding scene, throwing 3 successful competitions labeled Whiskered Wonderland.

El Chapo - Vice President

Steve's our designated Mexican, we love him.
We love tacos and burritos as well.

Downtown the Clown - Sergeant at Arms

This is Jim

Jim drives a big truck

Drive Jim Drive


This is Jim

He has a wife and three kids

($$) work Jim work

OG DP - Founding member
Dan was originally a member of the Detroit Beard League, eventually the league dissolved and Dan was left feeling naked and alone without his bearded brothers, so him, Brad & Erik met at Leo's Coney Island in Royal Oak, MI and started kicking around the idea of throwing a beard competition, and then ultimately decided to start the MCFHC.

Savage - Founding member
In Albania to beard is to be a man. Erik is a man.

the bearded Dutchman

Christian family man, mix a little rock-a-Billy with backwoods, a dash of innocence, over dose of fun, slap on a few tattoos and beard -POOF- You got yourself a Dutch!  From the ‘burbs of Detroit. Hobbies are breathing, eating, and relaxing nights on the couch with my wife.  Owner of the world renowned Bearded Dutchman Oils. Known on the streets as the Heisenberg of beard products, if you ever saw my lab, and my process,  you’d understand why.

teddy bear - Team Mascot

Brendan is Johns son, he's technically still a cub. One day his peach fuz will grow into a beard, when that day comes he will graduate to a full fledged member of the MCFHC.

S&M Santa

Ask him to take his pants off, you'll understand why he's caled the S&M Santa... John is also a member of the Poor Boys Car Club, he's kind of a bad ass.

Soulless Ginger

Sean has been known to eat souls for breakfast, so please lock up your children and pets when he is around. His vibrant ginger beard is groomed to a steady 8 inches, and that damn thing wins all of the awards.


Sarah is our very own bearded lady! We love her so much, she helps keep us centered.

Dap-r the clown

Chris is a legit clown in the shrine circus, so when you see him clowning around, don't mind him, that's just what he does! He's also a barber, so if you need your hair did, he's got you.


Dawn is straight out of the barrio, be careful esse, she may shank you.


Shonna is the backbone of the club, if it weren't for her holding us together, we'd simple implode... She also encourages teabagging Sean, we really like that about her!

Half Breed

His curtains don't match the drapes. We still love him though.

Saxxy Mofo

Saxxon is our opinionated trucker, he also works with Matt and the Detroit Beard Collective, between them and the Bearded Dutchman, our beards are well conditioned.


Matt is a busy, busy man, he comes to meetings when his schedule allows, luckily half of his schedule consists of vending at beard events, so we see him a lot.


Nick is our resident brewer, yes, thats right, somehow our beard club only has one official home brewer. Nick also enjoys a fine cigar, so if you ever want to get on his good side, grab a two hearted and a cohiba and you will have a friend for life... or at least the night.


Sean might not look tan, but he spends an awful lot of time at the Gym. Look out ladies & gentlemen, this beards gunnin for you!

Drinking bottles of hate,
& owning hearts full of love!


Our city may be known for crime and poverty, but our community is full of love and compassion. We look out for one another, because everyone knows Detroiter’s have not had it easy. The MCFHC is dedicated to giving back to society. We raise funds for local charities, participate in community clean ups, feed the homeless, and anything else we can think of to help out the less fortunate around us. Just because we’re bearded doesn’t mean we’re bad.

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